Regional news from Andalucia

Dopy Cops

An old refrain has it that the cops have the best dope, which the following news only serves to confirm: the chief anti-drug officer for the Guardia Civil in Málaga has been arrested for alleged drug trafficking.

Chiringuitos Finitos?

A ‘chiringuito’ is a bar/restaurant on the actual beach and these establishments have been in the eye of the hurricane for some time now as Spain has fought with policy on how to control them.

Manufactured Education

An organization calling itself The Independent Union of Workers of Cádiz has allegedly offered tens of thousands of diplomas in exchange for money, without the need of studying, for several years.

El Gordo de Navidad

At 09.21h the most famous lottery in Spain began – El Gordo. The first one ever held was in 1828, making this very traditional moment of Christmas in Spain almost 200 years old.

The ‘Insectia’ Civil

Vícar is pioneering a new project in the biological fight against certain plagues which, erm, plague the agricultural industry, by taking measures used by that sector and using them in parks, gardens and public spaces.

The Córdoba Mezquita

As if there weren’t enough problems in the world, the Bishop of Córdoba decided that this national monument of worldwide fame should be renamed as ‘cathedral,’ as it is one.

Fishy Pork

How many legs does a pata-negra pig have? Answer: eight, if you divide the total amount of said hams on sale by the pig population of Andalucía. The Junta de Andalucía did their sums and came up with something fishy about the Iberian cured hams market; and an investigation discovered 17 tonnes of bogus produce.…