Filling Pools This Summer

Although the Junta de Andalucía assures that it will maintain restrictions on filling pools this summer no municipality in Granada has imposed them to date.

SPN Reservoir Reserves AP24Almuñécar is the only Town Hall that has something almost along those lines, as in August 2022, Mayor Juan José Ruiz Joya emitted a bylaw recommending responsible water consumption but there were no prohibitions involved. These recommendations continue in existence.

For example the recommendations included not washing your car on the street but instead taking it to a carwash, not hosing down walls and drives, as well as, not filling or refilling pools.

The Councillor for the Environment, Lucía González, reiterates that these instructions are recommendations, not prohibitions and as for this coming summer she states that no decisions have been made.

The fact is that Almuñécar, come July and August, will quadruple its population, which normally stands at 27,000 inhabitants, so we’re talking about over 100,000 people making demands on domestic water.

Editorial note: the accompanying photo shows to what percentage reservoirs stand in Spain; the reservoirs within Granada stand at 38%, whereas Almeria’s stands at 8.9% and North-West Spain are in the 90s.

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