It’s Town Hall Responsibility

A provincial delegate for the Central Government claims that the responsibility for maintaining the Aquatropic seawall is that of the Almuñécar Town Hall, not Costas.

ALM Town Hall Repairs Aquatropical Sea Defences AP24This was announced following the complaint from the Mayor of Almuñécar that after countless requests from Almuñécar to Costas to repair the seawall, they had had to do it themselves.

According to the Subdelegado del Gobierno, José Antonio Montilla Martos, after the seawall was built (which protects all the reclaimed land on which Aquatropic sits) the responsibility passed to the Town Hall.

“The repair of the path and the seawall is municipal responsibility because when it was built an administrative concession established it as such,” said, Sr. Montilla, adding, “Therefore I think it’s good that they have repaired it but it makes no sense to claim that it was necessary because the Government had fallen down on the job.”

Editorial comment: then how does Costa explain that when a private citizen decided to repair the damage caused by the sea, which had undermined his restaurant terrace, he was told by Costas that if he did not undo the repair work, he would be fined. Yet when this person had first approached Costas for them to act, they had replied that they didn’t have the money to do it, which is why he did it himself.

Costas only appears capable of causing problems rather than solving them, as demonstrated by their attitude to beach parking (Peña Parda) in Herradura Motril (Playa Poniente) and Carchuna.

(News/Noticias: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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