Chopper Crashes onto Autopista

One of the helicopters that was participating in the European Rotors Fair in Madrid crashed onto a busy motorway.

SPN Helicopter Crash on Madrid Bypass DC23The crash happened yesterday morning on the M-40 shortly after taking off. The point of impact was on the centre island right next to a flyover bridge.

Miraculously, the helicopter missed the vehicles circulating along this city-bypass autopista which is always jammed with traffic.

Only one driver required minor medical treatment as he had been cut by flying glass.

The helicopter in question was a Enstrom 280FX Shark with the registration number of F-HPUX.

Athough it is still not known, it is thought that a strong gust of wind might have been behind the pilot losing control in such a manner that he opted for attempting an emergency landing on the motorway lanes, but coming down instead on the central reservation, crash barriers..

According to eye witnesses, the pilot first tried to avoid the fly over and then span around several times to avoid hitting the cars that had jammed on their brakes and come to a halt.

The first on the scene were the city’s fire service and an ambulance. One of the occupants had managed to climb out of the stricken chopper without assistance whilst the other had to be pulled out by fire personnel.

The former had a slight head injury whilst the latter had a broken leg (femur) and needed to be taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Obviously, as this happened around 10.00h, that section of the bypass was closed to traffic and drivers were directed along detours.

(News/Noticias: Madrid)

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