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Unbridled Optimist

A Guardia Civil in Galicia came across a family car towing a large boat, far greater in size than the towing vehicle, on the AP-9 motorway; they were impressed.

It Had to be A Brit…

The police managed to intercept a car that had already driven 23 KM down the wrong side of a motorway in Murcia: strangely, it was a British driver. The police arrested the 69-year-old man, who resides in Cantoria, Almería, for dangerous driving.

Strike on the A-7

A squad of 20 rebar workers on the Lobres-Taramay section of the A-7 stopped work for one day because they still hadn’t been paid even for December.

A-7 Further Delayed?

Surprisingly, the 2013 budget announced by the Central Government shows that there is no money for the A-7 between Almuñécar/Salobreña. In fact, there is no money set aside until 2014, when it will receive a budget of 118m euros, and then 15m euros in 2015 and finally, 12m euros in 2016.

Visa Versa

In july 2010, the PP, who were then in opposition, staged photo stunt to denounce the delays in the work on the A-7; yet another promised completion date had slipped by.

Not Heartening Good News?

The reason for the contradictory heading is because although the mission of the Governmental Sub-Delegate for Granada, Santiago Pérez, was to reassure the residents of the Costa Tropical that the new conservative government would give priority to the completion of the A-7 autovia, the wording wasn’t actually that reassuring.