Vote of No Confidence

Here we are five months into Salobreña's municipal legislature and bickering could mean that the Mayor will get voted out.

SAL Mayor of Salobreña Javier OrtegaThe Mayor, Javier Ortega, owes his position to a coalition agreement with Más Salobreña but the latter is far from happy with some of the decisions taken by the majors party in the coalition, the PSOE socialists.

So, Más Salobeña has joined the opposition party, the PP, to call for a vote of no confidence. The Mayor’s party (PSOE) has five council seats; i.e., the most voted party, but short of an absolute majority.

Now, the PP will be over the moon as Salobreña was the last seaside town on Costa Tropical they needed, having already obtained the Mayoralty of Almuñécar and Motril.

So, sometime this week they will register a vote of no confidence at the Town Hall, with the backing of nine of the 17 councillors in the Town Council. If it prospers then Rafael Bosch (PP) will be the new Mayor of Salobreña, and Pedro Ruiz de la Rica (Más Salobreña) will be the Vice Mayor.

Of those nine councillors, one has still not signed the vote of no confidence and that is the Vox councillor, Manolo Martín, who will no doubt want a recompense for his adherence to the V.o.N.C., which might not necessarily be a seat in the new governing coalition

So, who are the nasty nine? There are the three PP councillors, two of the three Convergencia Andaluza councillors, both Más Salobreña councillors and the Ciudadanos councillor.

Editorial comment: perhaps, had Mr Ortega not organised a palace coup within the PSOE to oust the very popular previous socialist mayor (she received votes from people who normally vote for other parties as she reportedly did a good job) then the PSOE might have obtained more seats and not needed a coalition. But, Mr Ortega wanted to be Mayor, even though his ignoble reign might only last five months.

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  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    November 15, 2023 at 11:36 am

    Politics! Spanish, UK. USA. Same two-faced types, whether it be local or higher up the spectrum. Were there ever any honest ones, who hat tried to keep to their words? Maybe in another mirror dimension. A shame about the previous Female Mayor. Could she not be re-voted back in?

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