Noisy Aircon?

The Aquario on Plaza Kuwait in Almuñécar, or better said the square itself, has had a rocky existence since it was first built.

ALM Aquarium Aircon Plaza KuwaitThe original idea was to have an ice-skating rink beneath the square but soon after it began functioning, the ice kept on melting in the summer, so the company that ran it, gave up.

It then spent a few years as just an empty underground space which just collected shopping trolleys and other discarded junk, thrown down the holes in the plaza surface, for fun.

Then came the aquarium! Somebody at that point should have mentioned that it would probably end up as a big kitchen for boiling fish in the summer, but it went ahead anyway, with the installation of sod-off aircon units.

As residents of Almuñécar and visitors to the town the past summer know, it remained closed with seemingly unsolvable problems, in the sense that the cost of eliminating the problems was prohibitive.

Yet, even though the doors remained closed, there was still plenty of marine life down there which require the aircon units on top of the surface office area to run flat out.

Consequently, people living in the square have complained about the noise produced, not only this summer, but ever since the Aquario was inaugurated.

For this reason, local opposition party, Unida para la Gente (IU), considers that something should be done about it: “The complaints that were lodged at the Town Hall have never received any response,” said the party Spokesperson, Francisco Fernández.

He suggests that the governing party finds a solution to the problem by sound-proofing the surface structure.

(News/Noticias: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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