A Suspicious Wonky Whiff

There was a fire in a house in Cijuela (Vega de Granada) and the fire service was duly despatched, but they were surprised by the smoke...

We’re not talking about the colour or amount, but rather the smell – for some, it smelt familiar.

It was 14.50h on the second to last Saturday of last month when the emergency services arrived; smoke was billowing out of the cellar, invading the rest of the house on Calle Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente in Cijuela.

The fire personnel soon put the fire out, with grins, perhaps, as the fire appears to have been started by a double, illegal hook up, which was corroborated by Endesa inspectors.

Civil Guard officers checked out the basement and found a large number of marijuana plants, some of which had gone up in smoke. Consequently, two people are helping the police with their enquiries in connection with the 100 marijuana plants in the house and the illegal electricity hook ups.

Further investigation discovered another house on the same row which had a further 267 plants in its basement.

(News/Noticias: Cijuela, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)


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