Forestry Investigation

The Junta de Andalucia is looking into the existence of thousands of dead pine trees in the Parque Natural de las Sierras Tejeda, Almijara & Alhama.

AXA Junta Inspect Almijarra, Tejeda, Alhama ParkThis vast natural park lies astride the Málaga-Granada provincial border, reaching between Maro and Otívar and inland as far as Jayena & Alhama de Granada.

There are swathes of dead pines close to the municipality of Nerja, for example that are being studied to find out what is causing it and determine the means of preventing this disease from spreading.

Junta bigwig Juan Ramón Pérez Valenzuela visited the natural park to see for himself. Since the end of last summer, teams belonging to the Consejería de Sostenibilidad have been mapping out affected areas and periodically checking up on them to see if and how much the said areas are growing.

(News: Nerja P/N Almijarra, tejeda & alhama, Malaga/Granada, Andalucia)

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