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Hotels Reopen

Hotel Sol Los Fenicios in La Herradura reopened for the season on the 20th of last month; a little later than usual but to full bookings, nevertheless.

Two Walks To Walk

Walkers from the Almuñécar municipal hiking club had a good stomp around the Almijarra mountains, led by guides Enrique Garín & Francisco Novo.

Emergency Exercise in La Herradura

Passersby may have been surprised by all the commotion around Hotel Almijarra on the 25th, with the police and emergency services pouring in and out of the building, but there was no cause for concern as it was all emergency exercise, or a simulacro, as they say in Spanish.

Enough Poison to Kill 160 People

The Guardia Civil had been on the trail of a shepherd that was known to be using poison bait in Zafarraya, but when they finally nailed him even they were astounded by the amount and potency of the pesticide that he had been using.