Fronds Away!

Almuñécar has begun its annual, autumn task of tackling the triffids... sorry the palm trees, of which there are ten thousand.

ALM La Carrera 400 x 250This myriad of palms are along streets, providing easy access for tree rats to people’s second-floor flats, in clumps on beaches where furtive procreation takes place after a suitable alcohol intake, in squares from which pigeons bomb the unwary and towering over Paseo Maritimos where they provide less shade than Twiggy.

The Councillor for Gardens, Parks and Listless Salads, Luis Aragón, pointed out that work had already begun last week over in La Herradura along the Paseo de Andrés Segovia, as well as in Almuñécar in the Urbanización La Carrera (Empedraillo) and the Carrera de la Concepción.

“Work began in school playgrounds coinciding with the school year beginning, and now it will take in areas where the Washingtonia Palms leave seeds on pavements, which could be dangerous for pedestirans,” he said, adding, that these palm seeds were also dangerous for bike riders where they fall onto roads.

Some of these palm trees exceed 20 metres in height making them as much use as a chocolate fire guard when it comes to shade. Also, finding the machinery and specialised workers for prunning at that height is not easy.

All this will take several months, so “make body” (get used to it) as the Spanish say, driving around cherry pickers and lorries loaded with palm fronds

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo JM de Haro/Diario Sexitano)

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