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Looking Back: Motril Palms

The last of the May 2009 looking Back articles concerns the fate of the palm trees along the Avenidad de Salobreña in Motril, uprooted when they modernised the thoroughfare.

Yet More Roadworks

ALM Calle Neveria

The Almuñécar Councillor for Public Works and Urban Development, José M. Fernández Medina, announced more roadworks in the Avenida Juan Carlos area.

Motril Park Arson

All indications point towards the fire in Motril’s Parque de Las Americas being the work of an arsonist. Around 50 palm trees went up in flames around 21.30h on Friday the 21st of February.

Palm Fond Pruning

The Almuñécar Town Hall has announced that it has begun cleaning up the town’s palm trees, starting in the town centre. Exciting stuff, eh!

Palm Trees Cut Down

As part of the renovation work on Almuñécar’s Plaza Kelibia, the palm trees that graced the square have been cut down, rather than removed for replanting. This action has been criticised by the chief opposition party, the CA. According to the CA, some of the trees were over 10m in height and were very representative…