A New Mayor for Almuñécar?

Now, you might be thinking that these Regional Elections had no relation to the balance of power in your Town Hall, but in the case of Almuñécar, you’d be wrong.

It doesn’t matter that in Salobreña, for example, the opposition party (PP) got a greater percentage of votes than the Mayor (PSOE) because these votes just decide who runs the Junta.

However, in the case of Almuñécar, the Mayor Trinidad Herrera, ran as third on the list for the PP, meaning that with these landslide results on Sunday the 19th, she will become a regional MP, thus will have to give up the Mayoralty. She has a period of 15 days in which to resign as Mayor if she intends to accept a governmental post in the Junta de Andalucia.

Now, under normal circumstances, the Vice Mayor would be ushered in as Mayor until the end of the legislative period; i.e., until the next municipal elections. This would be Juan José Ruiz Joya (who is also the first councillor for La Herradura)

But… and this is a big one, he would have to be voted in during a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council and the problem is that his party does not have the majority of seats in the council – Benavides’ party does. In fact, Mayor Trinidad Herrera only managed to become Mayor thanks to one single vote from the far left (IU) – unnatural bed fellows but united in their determination to keep Benny out of office.

Things are different from that day when she was voted in because that single IU councillor that voted for her (a right-wing mayor) is going to be worrying about the municipal elections coming up next year (28th of May). What far-left voter is going to vote for him knowing that he is keeping a right-wing party in power?

In other words, if Trini does decide to move office to Sevilla then Juan José is going to have to convince the IU councillor to vote in his favour. Perhaps the present Mayor, having moved on to regional-level politics, isn’t bothered whether her party loses the Mayoralty…

(News: Almunecar, Costa tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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