Granada Has Lowest Figures

Whilst we follow the Covid figures in Europe and wonder when it will hit here, it is reassuring to consider how well Granada is doing.

GRA Covid Figures by ProvincesSpain, in relation to most of Europe, has an exceptionally low, per-100,000 ratio, but even within Andalucía, Granada has the lowest figures out of all the provinces.

This, of course, is no reason to feel smug because figures are climbing; not fast, but steadily, nonetheless.

However, as things stand at the moment the per-100k figure for Granada, is 40.8 and at the other end of the regional scale is Córdoba with 110.9.

The average for Andalucía as a whole is 71.1. Our nearest neighbours to the west, Málaga has 83.2 and to the east, Almería has 82.4. To our north is Jaén with 73.2.

The regional health authorities are worried and are toying with introducing a ‘Covid Passport’ which would be necessary in order to enter clubs, restaurants, etc, but it is far from decided.

Having said that, this Friday the Committee of Health Experts will meet on Friday evening but it is unlikely that business hours etc, will be limited for the present.

So, recapping, Spain has one of the lowest figures in Europe, Andalucía has one of the lowest figures in Spain and Granada has the lowest figure within Andalucía. OK, you can do a little bit of smugness, but don’t get carried away.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

  1 comment for “Granada Has Lowest Figures

  1. Jeremy
    November 24, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    For sure, don’t get carried away. That is what happened here in Ireland. 90%+ adults vaccinated and low cases. We had it sorted. Smug. Now we have a 14 day rate of 1200 per 100k. That’s right, in 1 day we get more cases per 100k people than Andulacia gets in 14 days!

    Luckily, not too many in hospital or dead, given the case numbers. Very lucky since we have lowest ICU bed ratio in OECD and main bed capacity isn’t good either. The health service is still creaking, however, goodness knows how long it will cope. And we can’t afford a lockdown.

    Keep safe and be careful, not smug.

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