Colonel’s Acquittal Revoked

The Spanish Supreme Court has overturned an acquittal handed down by a provincial court in the case of a Guardia Civil colonel accused of drug smuggling.

GRA Retrial For Drug-Smuggling ColonelThe provincial court had found that drug-related charges had prescribed after five years and acquitted him whereas the Supreme Court says that the statute of limitations for crimes of this gravity is ten years.

The colonel was charged in 2015 for drug-trafficking and bribery in 2006.

The Supreme Court has taken into account the amount of drugs involved and the organisational structure of the drug-running operation and judged that it was in the category of “aggravated” (ten years preseciption) and not “basic” (only five years).

The colonel was also charged with bribery at the time for which he also received an acquittal – something that the Supreme Court considers “illogical” and has consequently ordered that there be a retrial on both counts.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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