Paseo Works Causes Annoyance

Much to the annoyance of locals and tourists, work recommenced on the eastern end of the seafront paseo, in front of Salomar 2000, with heavy machinery present.

SAL Paseo Work JL21Work had been at a standstill for five years because of an ongoing lawsuit between the Town Hall and residents of Urbanización Salomar 2000.

However, a recent judicial finding decided in favour of the Town Hall, giving it the go ahead to expropriate part of the land belonging to these two apartment blocks.

The Town Hall decided that it needed the said land after a strong gale caused heavy wave action destroying part of the paseo in 2015. The encroaching shoreline necessitated that the paseo be brought back some 30 metres further inland.

When Salomar was build in 1970 it occupied part of a public right-of-way (servidumbre público) which cannot be legally built upon but back then nobody raised an eyebrow.

Back in the present, the Town Hall approached the block community, offering a plot of land behind the two blocks to compensate for the land that they would have to surrender in front of them. Furthermore the plot offered was double the size of the amount of land they would have to relinquish.

However, the residents of the blocks, containing 714 flats with 1,400 occupants, rejected the offer and judicial wrangling ensued.

So, Costas has decided to recommence the reconstruction work that they had left off in 2016 because of the ongoing law suit. The work consists of laying flat cobble stones, sinking electricity and water infrastructure below and creating green spaces (gardens).

Unfortunately, the work began right in the middle of this month and will last about a month.

Editorial comment: Together with the decision to close one of the main thoroughfares in town on the cross-over weekend of the 15th, this present decision to work a seafront paseo with heavy machinery right in the heart of the tourist season can be seen as yet another home goal.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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