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Car Plummets 20 Metres

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar fire service was called out to rescue the driver from a car that had driven off the road and fell some 20 metres down a barranco. »

Short Cut

By Hugh MacArthur

A car drove into a builders' trench in a trading estate in Granada (El Florio) next to the Dhul factory. »

Victims Cut from Wreckage

By Hugh MacArthur

Four men were injured in a car crash in the early hours of Saturday on the N-340 where it goes under the autovía port-access road (GR-16). »

Alfa Mar Accident

By Martin Myall

Gazette reader, who lives above the Alfa Mar junction on the Salobreña/Almuñecar municipal border, informs us that there has been an accident resulting in a car leaving the road. »

Wheeled Word Eraser

By Hugh MacArthur

In the early hours of yesterday a car rammed the Salobreña sign on the access roundabout, ending up perched on top surrounded by scattered and broken letters. »

Traffic Accident & Hill Fire

By Martin Myall

There was a traffic accident on the main P-4 junction on the N-340 yesterday involving two cars. The incident occurred around noon yesterday when a car travelling east in the Motril direction failed to stop at the lights and hit the other car that was crossing over the junction, with the lights in its... »

Norwegian Couple Injured

By Hugh MacArthur

A Norwegian couple were seriously injured when their car plunged down a barranco on last Thursday. »

Vélez-Benaudalla Car Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

Vélez-Benaudalla is also in the news today because of a car accident on Saturday night resulting in four people being slightly injured. »

Drunk & No Licence

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil are investigating a driver from Granada who caused a road accident in Molvízar in December last year. »

Resinera Car Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

A middle-age man was killed in a car accident on Boxing Day near Fornes, which belongs to the municipality of Arenas del Rey. »

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