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Lucky Escape

SPN Car hanging off Bridge

The driver and passengers of a car that was left dangling over a drop were very luck people, indeed. Fire personnel were able to rescue all five people without further injury.

Alfa Mar Accident

ALM Alfa Mar Junction Accident

Gazette reader, who lives above the Alfa Mar junction on the Salobreña/Almuñecar municipal border, informs us that there has been an accident resulting in a car leaving the road.

Wheeled Word Eraser

SAL Roundabout Sign Demolished

In the early hours of yesterday a car rammed the Salobreña sign on the access roundabout, ending up perched on top surrounded by scattered and broken letters.

Traffic Accident & Hill Fire

There was a traffic accident on the main P-4 junction on the N-340 yesterday involving two cars. The incident occurred around noon yesterday when a car travelling east in the Motril direction failed to stop at the lights and hit the other car that was crossing over the junction, with the lights in its favour,…