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Spy in The Sky

By Martin Myall

The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) has incorporated eleven drones into their equipment for catching out drivers who break the law. »

How to Keep a Low Profile

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Local in Rincón de la Victoria arrested a Frenchman for traffic offences in the early hours of one morning last week. »

Fast Frenchman Fined

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil traffic police fined a Frenchman who passed their patrol car doing 205 KPH on the A-52 Motorway in Galicia. »

Speeding Canadian

By Hugh MacArthur

In the afternoon of the 18th a Canadian driver was caught doing 137 kph - not so fast, you might think, but it was within a 50-kph-limit area. »

Fleet and Foolish

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil arrested a driver for speeding, reaching speeds of 230 KPH, however, they didn't actually catch him doing it; he had posted his achievement online. »

High-Speed Wheelchair

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Urbana in Barcelona are trying to find a man who was caught on film speeding down Calle Muntaner, overtaking cars... on a wheelchair. »

Speeding Towards Arrest

By Hugh MacArthur

A 26-year-old man was arrested in Motril in possession of five kilos of marihuana in the boot of his car. »

Firemen Fined for Speeding

By Hugh MacArthur

The CSIF trade union has complained that the Traffic Department issued a speeding fine against a fire engine that had been called out to a fire. »

Speeding Mayor Nabbed

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor of Alcañiz (Teruel) was caught doing 211 KPH on a stretch of road with at 100 KPH speed limit. He said that he was sorry. »

100,000 Euro Speeding Fine

By David Darby

A motorist in Finland was recently handed down a fine of 100,000 euros. His offence was no different than mine, but in Finland, you are fined based on your wealth. So, Anders Wiklof, an extremely wealthy businessman was slapped with this hefty penalty based on the fact that he is a multi-millionaire. »

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