Indian Variant in Vigo

Public Health Department in Galicia has confirmed that three cases of the Indian variant were detected onboard a ship in the Vigo Port yesterday.

SPN Virus in VigoAccording to their public announcement, the Micro-biological Department at Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro found the presence of this variante in three of the five samples taken from the infected crew.

However it is the B1.617, subvariant 2, that is susceptible to the anti-viral vaccines being used and therefore one of the less aggressive strains that are being found in the India Subcontinent.

The ship, Prometheus Leader, flying a Singapore flag, arrived in Vigo Port at the beginning of the week after six of its 22-man crew gave positive readings for Covid-19. Two of them were hospitalised in the city’s main hospital.

The Minister of Health for the Xunta (Galician Regional Government) assured that the ship is in quarantine, therefore the transmission of the virus is controlled.

(News: Vigo, Galicia)

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