Fished off the Seabed

On Monday, Almuñécar Councillor for Beaches & Tourism, Daniel Barbero, was shown the fishing equipment and rubbish brought up from the seabed by volunteers.

LHR Retrieve Fishing GearThe quantity of collected items seen in the accompanying photo is just the amount that has been retrieved since the year began.

The volunteers belong to SOS Corales, (part of the Plataforma Equilibrio Marino) which works to favour the preservation of rich flora and fauna in the sea off our shores.

“We, both the Town Hall and FCC [municipal cleaning company], are very aware of this situation,  because our objective is to preserve seabeds as they are one of the great natural assets off our shores,” said Councillor Barbero.

Project SOS Corales has the objective of saving the Mediterranean, corral colonies that can be found here, in the area off Punta de la Mona, which is of incalculable ecological value. For this reason these frequent dives are carried out to remove damaging, discarded or lost fishing nets and other prejudicial refuse that smother the colonies. In fact, 98% of the material retrieved belong to fishing boats.

However, fishermen are not villains in this situation because many collaborate with divers and marine-sports enthusiasts in this drive to clean up the seabed. Most of the time, fishing gear is lost rather than deliberately jettisoned.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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