Body Found next to Transformer

The lifeless body of a man was found within the high-voltage installations of a transformer in Rota, Cádiz.

AND Transformer DeathIt was an electrician who had come to carry out repair work yesterday morning who found the body, and who immediately phoned the emergency number, 112.

They received the call at 11.38h reporting the find in the installations situated in the Pago Tehigol.

The call centre despatched a Guardia Civil patrol and an ambulance, whose paramedic could only confirm that the victim was dead.

According to a source at Endesa, to whom the installation belong, the victim did not belong to the company and had allegedly entered without permission with the intent of tampering with the equipment.

The Guardia Civil have opened an investigation into the identity of the victim and how he came to be there when he met his death from electrocution.

(News: Rota, Cádiz, Andalucia)

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