Salobreña Opens Public Spaces

Salobreña has begun to open up its public spaces and buildings that were closed off during the latest lockdown and leading up to it.

SAL Escuela de MusicaThe Mayor, María Eugenia Rufino, restricted access to the town-hall building, the parks & gardens, as well as the cultural workshops, the music school and sports facilities (except for federated athletes who were allowed to access them).

So now, with the contagion figures much lower, it was decided to reopen many of these public spaces and installations, but gradually.

The first places to open are the castle, the tourist office, the auditorium, library, the music school and workshops, as well as the sports facilities to everybody, not just professional athletes.

However, things have not returned to normal in pensioners centres as far as accesses go but the hairdressers’ and cafeteria in them are open again.

Other facilities that remain closed to the general public are the parks, gardens and other such leisure areas.

The Mayor pointed out that the Policía Local will keep a close watch on numbers; i.e., gatherings.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Radio Salobreña)

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