Granada Rattling & Rattled

The series of earth tremors in Metropolitan Area of Granada continue leaving around 1,500 earth tremors in the last couple of weeks.

GRA More Earth Tremors 16FB21The majority of the earth tremors have been slight but yesterday was a particularly ‘active’ day. Starting at midnight (00.01h Tuesday):

Santa Fe
01.45h = 2.2 (Richter Scale)
03.59h = 1.6
04.08h = 2.0
14.07h = 2.1

01.17h = 1.5

16.19h = 2.1
18.15h = 1.5

One of the strongest earth tremors was on Monday when Chauchina had the honour of having a 3.5 wobbly beneath it.

Of the 1,500 earth tremors mentioned at the beginning of the article at least 30 of them were 3.0 degrees on the Richter Scale or above.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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