When One is Too Many

ALP Carataunas 01In a large town, reaching the 500 barrier for a municipal lockdown could mean dozens of new infections, but if you’re a tiny village, it can be just one person.*

That’s the case of Caratauna in the Alpujarra with its population of 194 inhabitants. The original list issued by the Junta and the later confirmation in the BOJA said that the village had broached the limit of contagion and would have its municipal boundaries closed.

But it was a mistake; something that one of our readers pointed out at the time, explaining that the Mayor, Diego Fernández, was trying to get this rectified.

What had happened was that a contagion in nearby Soportújar had been credited to Carataunas – as explained by our reader at the time. This mistake was corroborated by Soportújar so the Junta ended up righting the situation.

In fact, the case in Soportújar was not even a positive result of a PCR but just a case of a young woman having been in contact with somebody who did give a positive reading, therefore she had to self isolate, which she did for the required period, with no ill effects and is now ‘fit for duty.’

So, Carataunas has never had a case and is still one of the very few villages that can boast such a thing.

Our readers have been on the ball more than the Junta because this was how they responded to the original Carataunas figures:

Desiree – January 16, 2021 at 10:16 am
Carataunas in the Alpujarras is not one of these villages, it should be Soportujar. The mayor of Carataunas is working on this to be corrected.

John O’Connor – January 16, 2021 at 8:27 pm
Soportujar and Carataunas have 1 positive between them. If the 1 unfortunate person can be moved from Caratunas then Carataunas will not be closed down. However neither will Soprtujar, by virtue of Soportujar having a larger population the 1 positive will give them a rate of 373 and they will free. They better get the witches up there to brew something up. It just goes to show that the 1 person makes all the difference and I imagine the town will be quite annoyed if this positive was picked up by someone at a social gathering. I also wonder if people will be dissuaded from getting tested now so at to prevent lockdown.

*Editorial note: for a municipality to reach 500 per 100,000 it means that 0.5% of the population is infected. In the case of Carataunas with a population of 194, half a percent is equal to 0.97% people; i.e., with just one person you’re over the limit.

(News: Carataunas, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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