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Carataunas Mill Museum

The Town Hall of the Alpujarreño village of Carataunas will convert its old oil mill into a museum; i.e., one dedicated to how people lived (socio-cultural anthropology).

Órgiva Fire

GRA ALP Órgiva Fire 01

A hill fire broke out early this morning near Órgiva requiring the presence of Infoca personnel to stop it spreading and then to put it out.

When One is Too Many

ALP Carataunas 01

In a large town, reaching the 500 barrier for a municipal lockdown could mean dozens of new infections, but if you’re a tiny village, it can be just one person.*

Junta Publishes BOJA


The Junta has published the changes announced yesterday evening in the official regional gazette (BOJA). It confirms the list of closed municipalities.