Grifols & Immunity Drug

SPN Grifols Immunity DrugThe Barcelona-based pharmaceutical company, Grifols has come up with an anti-viral drug based on plasma-derived proteins from recovered Covid patients.

Grifols is a global leader in the development of therapies with plasma-derived proteins, founded a hundred years ago.

On Monday it announced that it would begin a clinical trial in Spain to evaluate the safety and efficiency of this new COVID-19 drug on immunoglobulin, containing antibodies from plasma donors who have recovered from the disease.

The new drug would provide immediate post-exposure protection against the virus and would be especially useful as a complement to the vaccine in the early phase after vaccination.

Furthermore, it could protect the elderly and healthcare workers, as well as patients with a weak or absent immune system owing to cancer treatment, for example.

Not only this, but it could be deployed in areas where the Covid-19 vaccines have still not arrived or is incomplete.

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The clinical trials, involving 800 patients, will begin next month producing results by spring. Those chosen for the trials, who are all asymptomatic and have tested positive for the virus in a diagnostic test, will participate in the clinical study, receiving subcutaneously Grifols’

The plasma obtained is in a concentrated form, much more potent than simply taking the plasma from a cured patient and injecting it into another one; i.e., it is immunoglobulin rich with anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

Grifols’ immunoglobulin Gamunex®-C has proven safe and efficient in patients over the last 15 years for other types of viral infections.

(News: Barcelona, Cataluña)

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