Taxis, Fairs & Hairdressers

MOT Summer FairMany struggling autónomos were delighted when the Junta announced that it would be giving 1,000 euros in aid with few requirements needed.

Some of those that will receive these benefits are trades you wouldn’t have thought about as affected, but they certainly have been, for instance, taxi drivers and fairground operators.

Those taxi drivers that are dedicated to the night shift have basically parked the taxi and stayed at home, because with the night curfew, nobody needs a taxi. The normal clients; i.e., those going out in the evening to eat and want to enjoy a bottle of wine with their meal or those that have gone out with the car and enjoyed one too many in bars… are extinct, for the time being.

The travelling fairs that tour the country, working from local fiesta to local fiesta, have been completely scuppered.

And then you come to that strangely favoured profession, hairdressers… who were considered essential back in March and are still considered so…  but have been included in the 1,000-euro handout. The strange thing is that aestheticians who do your nails are non essential but somebody doing your hair is ‘essential.’ The Government moves in mysterious ways!

Anyway, those interested and eligible have ten days starting yesterday and will receive the money in between one and two months. You must be de alta with Seguridad Social since March and remain de alta for at least three months after receiving the money. Oh, and you must be up-to-date with your S.S. payments.

The main recipients are bars, restaurants and small shops, etc. but the list is quite extensive:

* Shops that sell audio and video equipment and ones that sell textiles.
* Hardware, paint shops and glaziers.
* Shops specialised in white goods and other electrical appliances
* Interior-decoration shops selling furniture and domestic lighting
* Book shops, newsagents and stationers.
* Recording studios
* Sports shops
* Toy shops
* Clothes shops
* Shoe shops
* Shops that sell cosmetics and hygiene products
* Florists, plant nurseries and pet shops.
* Jewellers
* Second-hand shops
* Hotels and other accommodations establishments.
* Campsites and caravan parks
* Restaurants and eateries in general
* Caterers
* Wines and Spirits Shops
* Taxis
* Hairdressers & Barbers

(News: Andalucia)

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