Almuñécar Lorry Thief Caught

ALM Lorry & Bus ParkThe Almuñécar Guardia Civil have tracked down the alleged culprits of a theft carried out in the cab of a lorry parked in the P-4 heavy-vehicle park.

The theft took place during the early hours the 11th of July with the thieves making off with 600 euros in cash.

The Almuñécar branch sent off the fingerprints found in the cab to their forensic department at the Granada HQ after an inspection of the vehicle, which finally bore fruit with the identification of one of the thieves – there were two people involved.

To carry out the theft the thieves first had to climb over the perimeter fence before making their way to the parked articulated, freezer lorry, climb up to the door and force it. They then removed a small case with cash and documents inside.

The accomplice, although identified as well, has yet to be located and arrested.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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