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SPN MJ MonteroThe Central Government announced yesterday that they would bring the price down on obligatory masks, after the EU dismissed Madrid’s claim that they couldn’t.

At present, obligatory masks bear 21% IVA on them, which is universally considered abusive in Spain. The Government originally claimed when quizzed on this that the EU had forbidden levying less that 21% on such products. However, the EU almost immediately stated that this was not the case. Since then, the Government has come under even heavier criticism.

Consequently, yesterday after a cabinet meeting, the Government Spokeswoman, María Jesús Montero, who also heads Hacienda, announced that her objective is to make these masks cheaper.

She admitted, however, that she still didn’t know whether this lowering of the price to the consumer would be obtained by lowering the percentage of IVA levied or by simply reducing the top imposed on prices that was established in March after price speculation had inflated the price of masks around ten times higher than their price before the pandemic had broken.

Update: The Minister announced this morning that after its approval this coming Tuesday at a cabinet meeting, the IVA masks will be reduced to just 4%. In the meantime, the Government has taken around 1,500m euros just from the IVA on masks at 21%.

(News: Spain)

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  1. Trevor Watson
    November 12, 2020 at 9:51 pm

    What a caring Government, set’s an example to the rest of Europe. How to profit from a Pandemic from your countrymen!!!

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