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Cheaper Masks

SPN MJ Montero

The Central Government announced yesterday that they would bring the price down on obligatory masks, after the EU dismissed Madrid’s claim that they couldn’t.

EU on Mask IVA in Spain

SPN Surgical Masks

The claim made by the Spanish Government last weekend that the EU would not let it lower the IVA on masks caused surprise in Brussels and provoked a response.

Why Mask IVA is not 4%

SPN MJ Montero

The Minister of Hacienda, María Jesús Montero, claims that EU regulation prevent the Spanish Government from lowering the IVA charged on obligatory masks.

Guaranteed Bank Loans

SPN MJ Montero

The Central Government has approved the first batch of 20,000 million in bank guarantees so that banks can start lending to businesses and autónomos.

Summer Drinking

FTR Wine Rueda

Rueda is good news and it is now in all the bars in Spain. It comes from near the town of Valladolid and is dry but very fruity and very much better than the white wines of Rioja, which have no real flavours due to the Viura grape.

Rum for Disciples

La Universidad Experimental del Ron (The Rum Experience University, www.rum-uni.com), will be holding its first course from the 16th to the 20th of September on the Costa Tropical.