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Unfair Mask IVA

GRA Unfair Mask IVA

Quite unreasonably the IVA on obligatory surgical masks is charged at 21%, despite it being a necessity, which is why one chemist is up in arms.

Butane Goes Up

ALM butano lorry

It’s colder so naturally the price of a butane bottle is going up… by five percent, meaning they will now cost 17.13 euros. No surprises there!

IMF Squeezes Spain Again

The International Monetary Fund might recognize that Spain economy is improving, but it is still wants more measures that will only cause more suffering from a crisis-weary population.

Hairdressers in Rebellion

In the second half of last month approximately 500 hairdressers came out in protest over the new crippling IVA rate. The demonstration took place outside the provincial Hacienda offices in the city of Granada.

Butane Goes Up

On the 26th of March the price of a bottle of butane (una bombona de butano) went up to 17.13 euros, which is a 5% rise on the previous price of 16.32 euros.

Stubborn Tax Increase

The rise in purchase tax, IVA (Impuesto de Valor Añadido or Value Added Tax) is attracting a good deal of criticism from every opposition party, as well as the general public – even conservatives from the governing party’s own ranks, but the Government is determined to see it through.

Coming Home to Roost

There can be no better example of opposition tactics coming back to haunt you once you’re in government than what has happened to Mariano Rajoy.