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Salobreña’s Surplus Budget

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor of Salobreña has made it known that the town finished last year with a surplus of 3.4m euros from the 2018 Budget. »

Brexit – Worst-Case Scenario

By Marie-Claire Richardson

With all of the talk going on about Brexit, many British people living in Spain are currently worried about what the future will offer them. »

Good News on Mortgages

By Martin Myall

The Spanish Supreme Court has just reversed its own findings and sentenced that the banks should have paid the costs in a mortgage transaction. »

Motril Golf Course Saved

By Vivienne Hughes

The news that the Motril golf course has recuperated the embargoed holes is front-page news in the paper edition, coming out Wednesday. »

Going Down Fighting!

By Martin Myall

Well, the Motril golf club's plan to enlist the financial assistance of flat owners on Playa Granada has failed dismally. »

Solution for Golf Course

By Vivienne Hughes

(DCU03) Going around the remaining 10 holes twice on the Los Moriscos Golf Course is just not cutting it and player numbers are dwindling, but don't panic! »

Beach Footpath Recovered

By Martin Myall

Locals in the Playa Granada area of Motril now have their beach footpath back - they'd woken one morning to find it had been 'confiscated' by Hacienda »

State Steals Footpath

By Vivienne Hughes

The Motril opposition party, Ciudadanos has demanded the immediate reopening of a beach-access footpath on Playa Granada. »

Bye Bye Eight Holes?

By Martin Myall

It's far from done and dusted, as far as Los Mariscos golf course goes, in Motril - in other words, it could still lose the eight holes before the month is out. »

Golf Course Solution

By Hugh MacArthur

(HCA) Motril has found a solution for Los Moriscos Golf Course, which faced losing half of its 18 holes; Hacienda has been swayed by the Town Hall’s reasoning. »

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