Almuñécar Goes Whatsapp

ALM Whatsapp ReportingAlmuñécar Town Hall now has a Whatsapp number so that people can report things that they come across that need the attention of the Maintenance Department.

This new way to report such things (using telno: 680 242 275) joins the mobile app, Línea Verde, which has been up and running for about eight years. In fact, Almuñécar was the first town on our coast to use this kind of phone app; other’s have followed suit.

For the old school who prefer messenger pigeons and smoke signals, you can always send an email to

The Línea Verde app: so, let’s say, you find a traffic light with one of its lights not working (after throwing a stone at it), a broken park bench or a dangerous hole or slab protruding on a footpath, or even a brimming hopper that nobody has emptied, you just select what type of problem it is, attach a photo together with where it’s located and leave a comment.

The Whatsapp way: send a photo, explain where it is, and if it isn’t obvious, explain the problem.

An email: write what the problem is in the subject, attach a photo and in the text body explain where it is; i.e. what street’s it on – give a nearby house number, as it narrows it down.

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