A Long Overdue ‘Ouch!’

GRA PON Illora 02With Andalucía on the road to a complete lockdown and the province of Granada leading the way, some people are still capable of selfish irresponsibility.

Officers belonging to the Policía Local in Íllora in the Poniente de Granada came across a young man, known to have Covid, washing his car at a local gasolinera when he should have been in quarantine at home,

The Police Chief, Antonio Cobos, explained that it was the man’s neighbours who had tipped off the police when they saw him leaving  his house. Consequently, a patrol was sent out looking for him and found him at the said gasolinera

The man has since been handed a 3,000-euro fine.

But this was not the first case where the municipal police there have found somebody with Covid out and about; that time it was with his family, doing the shopping at a small self-service shop.

(News: Illora, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia)

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