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Drunk Driver Attacks Policeman

By Hugh MacArthur

A female driver has been found guilty of drink driving and attacking a police officer whilst being arrested. Her passenger was found guilty of aggression, as well. »

Looking Back: The P4 Trap

By Martin Myall

Today's Looking Back article deals with a confusing traffic-light set up in Almuñécar, which was producing quite a few traffic fines. That's the one on the P-4 junction. »

Travelling in Style

By Hugh MacArthur

A car passenger recorded with his phone camera a woman travelling on an autovía using an electric scooter... and wearing headphones, to boot. »

Legalising Illegal Cortijos

By Hugh MacArthur

(COH 04C) Once upon a time, building a cortijo on a patch of land without any planning permission was common practice - not now, because you just won't get away with it. »

Glasses & Driving Fines

By Vivienne Hughes

You might not know it but it is illegal to drive wearing reading glasses, even if it only so that you can see the dashboard. »

Dogs in a Cave

By Hugh MacArthur

A young man has been fined 600 euros for keeping 14 dogs in a lamentable state. He also has a 3-month ban from working in animal-related professions. »

DIY Yellow Lines

By Hugh MacArthur

A man in Bullas, Murcia, was fined 3,000 euros by the municipal police for painting fake, double, yellow lines in front of his garage, to prevent people from parking there. »

Nutty Drugs

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional has fined a 36-year-old man for being the recipient of a postal package containing pistachios, stuffed with compressed marihuana. »

Endesa Fined 400,000 Euros

By Hugh MacArthur

The utilities company, Endesa, has been fined by the Junta 400,000 euros for having abusive clauses in their meter contracts and charges for non-existent services. »

Firemen Fined for Speeding

By Hugh MacArthur

The CSIF trade union has complained that the Traffic Department issued a speeding fine against a fire engine that had been called out to a fire. »

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