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Hunter Falls Down A Well

By Hugh MacArthur

Whilst a hunter was out trying his hardest to kill things on Saturday, he nearly died himself after falling down a 5-metre deep well. »

Kidnapped by Alcohol

By Hugh MacArthur

The family of a man in Íllora went around to the municipal-police office to report that he had been kidnapped. However it was far from the case. »

The Duke & Venerable Olive Trees

By Louise Powell

(COH08) The Duke of Wellington's estate in Íllora (Granada) reached an agreement with the owners of centenary olive trees, which were to be cut down. »

Parapanda Folk Festival

By Louise Powell

Tired of Flamenco and Jazz? Yes? Go wash your mouth out with soap! But hey, why not pop up to Illora in the east of Granada to see a Folk Music Festival? »

British Fugitive Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

British fugitive, Michael Roden, 26, was arrested yesterday in the west of the province of Granada in the town of Alomartes, thanks to a NCA campaign.British fugitive, Michael Roden was arrested yesterday in the west of the province of Granada in the town of Alomartes »

Semi-Lynching of Wife Beater

By Editor

The Guardia Civil in Illora in the west of the province continue to investigate the case of a group of people that attempted to lynch a man who allegedly stabbed his wife. »

Poniente Drugs Bust

By Hugh MacArthur

At the end of last month the Policia Nacional arrested 17 people in Alomartes (Illora, western Granada), allegedly belonging to a drugs gang. »

Lorry Driver Found Guilty

By Vanessa Bosch

A lorry driver was found guilty of homicidio imprudente (Involuntary manslaughter). The incident took place in Illora and resulted in the death of a small child. »

Bank Takes All

By Martin Myall

It never crossed the mind of small businessman, Antonio Ruiz, that something like this could happen to him; but it has. One moment he was on top of the world, and the next he had been stripped of all he possessed - the bank took the lot: his business (Cuadros San Sebastian)... »

Nigel’s Spending Spree

By Duncan Inglis

Englishman, Nigel, Summersby, resident of Íllora, won a raffle on which he was given 4000 euros to spend in 51 local shops, all in one day. »

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