Motril Beach Club Fined

MOT Chiringuito Beach Club BadiaMotril Town Hall has begun the administrative process for imposing a fine upon the Chiringuito Badía Beach Club, S.L., over a virus-measures infringement.

Consequently, the beach-club owners could be facing a fine of over 30,000 euros

The report, drawn up by the Policía Local on Tuesday the 14th, notes a failure to make sure their customers maintained the specified distance between each other. Furthermore, the establishment had more people than permitted.

The police also removed the club’s music and lighting equipment in the discotheque area, as well as cordoning off the DJ cabin. This confiscation was carried out because the club does not have a licence for live entertainment, or a DJ+discotheque.

Finally, the club owners have to present a document to show that they have undertaken the necessary measures as stipulated in the law covering health precautions concerning the present pandemic.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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