Torrenueva Fire next to N-340

MOT Torrenueva fire next to N-340The Almuñécar fire service helped out the Motril one to extinguish a wild-cane fire next to the N-340 in Torrenueva Costa.

The heavy smoke was so intense that the road had to be momentarily closed by the Guardia Civil traffic police (DGT).

The fire services received the call out at around 17.00h with the task of putting it out, lasting until nearly 20.00h, but not before it had erased 200 sq/m of wild cane on the road embankment near the old Cruz Roja post. There was nearby agricultural waste that was also consumed.

MOT Abandoned Cruz Roja PostEditorial comment: the mention of the old Red-Cross post, manned by consciencious objectors doing their obligatory military service back in the 80s is a blast from the past, indeed.

A long time ago, during August 82, with a stitched gash in my hand and a monstrous hangover, I walked from Costa Aguilera to Torrenueva wearing sandals cut from old car tyres, stopping at the post to have my hand looked at…

The recruits didn’t have much of a clue and we didn’t speak each other’s languages, so I plodded on to Torrenueva where Dave Darby was staying with his then girlfriend, Marga, who was training to be a nurse – she sorted my hand out and Dave supplied the beers. Happy days!

(News: Torrenueva, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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