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Car Fire on N-340, Carchuna

By Martin Myall

A car went up in flames on the N-340 where it passes through Carchuna yesterday afternoon causing quite a spectacle. »

Looking Back: Summer Summary

By Martin Myall

The first article this month that takes a look at what was going on along our coast ten years ago was a summary of summer 2009. »

Lorry Suffers Blowout on N-340

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar fire service were out yesterday morning trying to get a lorry back onto the road after suffering a front-tyre blowout. »

Victims Cut from Wreckage

By Hugh MacArthur

Four men were injured in a car crash in the early hours of Saturday on the N-340 where it goes under the autovía port-access road (GR-16). »

La Herradura N-340 Roadworks

By Vivienne Hughes

The Ministry of Public Works has a crew out building a retaining wall next to the N-340, between Las Tejas football ground and the main road. »

Looking Back: May 2009

By Martin Myall

This is the first article this month from the Looking Back series and deals, in this case, with the arrival of the A-7 as far as Taramay, coming from the West. »

Work under The Bridge

By Martin Myall

If you've been to Salobreña this week you will have seen that there is working going on under the N-340 bridge, which gives access to the town. »

Proposed Round-About Access

By Martin Myall

The independent Motril Councillor, David Martín, will propose a motion for the next Plenary Meeting concerning road-about access to the town. »

Biker Accident in La Caleta

By Hugh MacArthur

A biker was killed in a road accident this afternoon on the N-340 where it passes through La Caleta in Salobreña. »

Calvente, Salobreña & Progress

By Martin Myall

Just about everybody knows Calvente wine, especially the white variety; produced in Jete, it is even sought as far away as restaurants in New York. »

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