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Roads & Supermarkets

COS Tail Backs A-44 Easter

The are two clear indications that Semana Santa has begun; the A-44 Autovia has traffic nose to tail and the supermarkets on the coast are packed.

Guardia Tightens Road Checks

MOT Policia Local Road Checkpoint 03

This time round, the coast and the capital seem to be equally infected but even so the Guardia Civil traffic police are policing the roads between them. It’s the weekend, after all.

A Roundabout at Last

MOT Western Access Rounabout OnL

The western entrance to Motril from the N-340 will be converted from a T-junction into a roundabout, at last. It was around 83 when the T-junction came into being, as before that the N-340 didn’t carry straight on, but entered Motril past where today Al Campo stands, which was the old N-340. In 1983 the…