Ay Granada!

AND Junta Health Minister Jesus AguirreThe Regional Minister for Health, Jesús Aguirre, has ruled out, he says, the idea of putting the metropolitan area of Granada into quarantine.

However, this is the area in the whole of Andalucia that most concerns him, owing to its growing infection rate.

He came to that decision as the cases there are under control, but he said that he would be keeping a close eye on the day-to-day situation there.

During a ministerial meeting, he pointed out that there had been a new cluster of infections comprising of six people who had attended a funeral. This latest cluster brings the total number of clusters to nine with six of them being in the metropolitan area of the city.

He added, however, that the majority of the cases are asymptomatic; i.e., show no symptoms of being infected.

Meanwhile, in the city some people continue to act as if the pandemic did not concern them, especially youngsters. The Policía Local had to disperse several booze-ups in the streets during the evenings of last weekend, where many participants were not wearing masks.

The Police explained that they had received 97 calls from concerned locals about these street parties during the course of Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Consequently, the police handed out 47 fines, most of which were to revellers participating in botellones all over the city.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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