Rural Tourism Surges

FTR Cortijo Prado Toro 07Whilst Costa hotels are struggling, it seems that rural hotels and holiday homes are attracting more and more attention this summer.

People appear to want to be more isolated rather than on the crowded coast, probably feeling safer that way.

Big hotels just across from a beach don’t give the same sense of safety in this virus-conscious year as living out in the middle of the campo. Probably for this reason casas rurales seem to be on the way to a record season.

The internet site, for example already has 76% of its available properties in Andalucía booked for August. This website, one of the top three in Spain, manages around 3,500 casas rurales in Andalucía, 647 of which are in the province of Granada.

Whether it’s hotels and holiday lets on the coast or casas rurales in the interior, most owners are applying more flexibility when it comes to bookings – clients don’t want to pay out a large deposit and then find themselves in a new lock-down situation or worse, infected themselves and in quarantine, resulting in losing their deposit. For this reason, many establishments are permitting clients to pay upon arrival rather than pay part in advance.

Another thing as far as tourism goes, foreign tourism is down and national tourism is king. Whereas foreign clients have cancelled out of necessity, the places they have left vacant are being snapped up by Spanish clients.

And then there are the health norms, which are piling on the costs to anybody providing holiday accommodation, from hotels down to a cortijos in the campo.

The thing is that this summer is going to be like no summer we have seen before; not even the grim years of 2008-2012. Nobody knows how it is going to go because the rules could change tomorrow and everybody will have to improvise, both for those that provide accommodation and for those who seek to use it.

(News: Andalucia)

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