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SPN Europan Union

First of all it is hard; illogical even, to make conclusions even before the subject matter has concluded but here goes anyway: The Lock Down.

Tourism Increase

LHR Marina Beach Shades

With overnight stays up by 3.2% to 502,566. The average stay also increased to five days. All of which is up on the figures for 2017, which is pretty good as these figures don’t include August, it’s just up to the end of July.

Vikings to The Rescue

ALM Hotels OnL

(GIL) According to tourism forecasts, this winter on the Costa Tropical is going to be a bumper one, thanks to the growing influx of Nordic visitors.

Politicians & Kayaks

A Junta bigwig for Economy & Employment, Juan José Martín Arcos, can be seen sitting in a canoe on La Herradura beach, part of a canoe-flotilla of local politicians.

Salobreña Card

SAL Salobreña Card OnL

The Salobreña association for traders and businesses (ACESA) has come up with a discount card, which has a double aim: stimulate purchases and support local businesses

Who Are We?

AND Autovia Costa Tropical

The majority of the population on the Costa Tropical is found on the western side of the Costa Granadina, as it was long known.