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Sacked for Being a Mum?

The Popular Party (PP) have a knack of upsetting the public… abortion, austerity measures, Luis Barcenas, to name but a few. It appears now that they have done it again! This time, PP councillor Ángel Donesteve, has dismissed a female employee allegedly because she is now a mother.

Mercy Killing?

In the north of Spain a municipal policeman allegedly murdered his elderly parents. He then turned his service pistol on himself ending his own life.

King Juan Carlos Abdicates

His popularity seemed untouchable, and was further enhanced by the fact he never courted such adulation. Always calm and measured, intelligent and informed, he was everything the new power hungry politicians were not. The feeling of stability he managed to instill was felt throughout the world, and for the majority of his reign he was regarded by other nations as the most popular current monarch.

Space Tourism Comes to Canary Islands

The idea is to launch from a base close to Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, which serves two purposes: Huge amounts of tourists eager to be parted from their cash and a launch site far enough into the Atlantic so as not to worry any populated areas.

The Catalonia Question

The big European news today is the Spanish governments vow to block any plans by Catalonia to hold a referendum on independence on 9th November 2014.

Madrid Tiger Attack

You can’t help thinking that if you lock up and tease the most powerful land killer on earth, chances are, one day he’s going to have just had enough. Well, this exact scenario came to pass the other day in Madrid, where Danny Gottani, a 35-year-old chap who has been working with tigers since he was 18.