Post Lock-Down Norms

AND Bus knifeman OnLThe following is a summary of the norms governing road transport in Andalucía from midnight tonight, when the Lock Down concludes.

Motorcycles, Mopeds & Scooters
Masks must be worn when there are two on the bike. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether if there is only one person he or she would have to wear a mask. Neither does it state whether the wearers of full-face, crash helmets need to wear a mask.

Private Transport up to Nine Seats
All seats can be occupied. Only if all occupants live in the same household is the wearing of masks not required.

Public Road Transport
The original title of this section in Spanish is ambiguous (Transporte de Viajeros) but it probably refers to taxis and minibuses as there is a separate section for buses & coaches. Anyway, all available seats can be occupied – maximum separation should be attempted. The wearing of masks is obligatory.

Lorries and Vans
All seats can be used but all occupants must wear masks.

Buses and Coaches
The Spanish title is (Transporte Público Discrecional y Privado). Bus companies must provide a minimum of 50% of the normal service. It then goes on to say 60% of the off-peak service and 80% of the rush-hour service on metropolitan bus routes must be provided.

All seats can be occupied and up to 75% of the standing room. Masks are obligatory.

Editorial comment: how the hell are the passengers or the driver of the bus going to be able to judge 75% of standing room? Wouldn’t it just be better to say that in all road transport whether you live by yourself or with 15 Martians in a shoe box… you have to wear a bloody mask? Instead of splitting different types of vehicles up into groups, just say, all seats can be occupied.

Anyway, you had better get used to it as these measure will be in force until spring next year, unless there are infection breakouts all over the place, in which case the Lock Down will be reintroduced, according to the PM, Pedro Sánchez.

(News: Andalucia)

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