Small Granada Outbreak

AND Junta Health Minister Jesus AguirreThe Head of the Regional Health Board, Jesús Aguirre, confirmed yesterday that there had been a small outbreak of Covid-19 in Granada.

Ten people, most of whom are from the same family, tested positive using a PCR test and are now in quarantine in their own homes, as none requires hospital treatment.

“There has been a small ‘cluster’ of infections,” explained Jesús Aguirre, using the English word rather than the Spanish word, brote (outbreak) as the latter implies larger numbers. .

He concluded his appearance before the press to say that only one was categorised as “at risk” as the other nine are asymptomatic.

Unrelated to this news and prior to it becoming known, the Central Government health advisor, Fernando Simón, when questioned about the end of lock-down travel restrictions, recommended that people didn’t make inter-provincial or inter-regional journeys, even though it is now permitted.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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