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Two Down, One to Go!

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril suffered a rubbish-collection crisis in the last week of last month when two thirds of the rubbish collection fleet out of action. »

Port Anger over Staff Shortage

By Hugh MacArthur

Seven Moroccan lorries carrying fruit & veg were held up at Motril Port over a whole weekend owing to a lack of customs staff. »

Motril Beach Protests

By Vivienne Hughes

(COH 07B) The Motrileños are angry because summer is just around the corner and the storm damage in May to its beaches is still causing problems. »

Motril Lorries Drugs Bust

By Martin Myall

(KAR07) The Policía Nacional, in collaboration with the French police, have bust a drugs gang operating between Motril and France. »

Punctures & Policemen

By Hugh MacArthur

(ESP06) Fifty-odd lorries have suffered punctures on a particular stretch of the AP-7 where it passes through Cataluña - the culprit is allegedly a policeman. »

Monster Vehicle-Transporting Ship Docks

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril port saw the arrival of one of the biggest ships - a 232-metre-long Vehicle Carrier - to dock there.Motril port saw the arrival of one of the biggest ships - a 232-metre-long Car Carriers - to dock in the port. »

18 Lorries Torched

By Martin Myall

In an act that can only be deliberate arson, 18 lorries from the same construction company were burned to charred wrecks. The owners put the loss at around two million euros. »

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