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Completely Demolished

ALM The Demolished Market

There will continue to be articles, such as this one, about the Almuñécar Municipal Market, even though there is no longer a market to write about.

Antonio, El Tonto

GRA El Tonto Tomb

Antonio F. C., alias ‘el Tonto,’ was anything but tonto and regardless of whether his neurons were firing correctly or not, he was very much admired in his home town.

Punctures & Policemen

SPN Punctures

(ESP06) Fifty-odd lorries have suffered punctures on a particular stretch of the AP-7 where it passes through Cataluña – the culprit is allegedly a policeman.

18 Lorries Torched

In an act that can only be deliberate arson, 18 lorries from the same construction company were burned to charred wrecks. The owners put the loss at around two million euros.