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Changes to Road Usage

By Vivienne Hughes

The Director General de Tráfico, Pere Navarro, after several meetings is backing certain new measures, such as a reduction of speed limits. »

Moped ITV in Almuñécar

By Hugh MacArthur

If you have a 49cc bike and live in Almuñécar, you might be interested to know that the mobile ITV unit will be visiting the town on the 24th & 25th. »

Almuñécar Moped ITV Visit

By Hugh MacArthur

he mobile ITV workshop for mopeds will be visiting Almuñécar on Tuesday the 21st of March. »

Almuñécar ITV for Mopeds

By Martin Myall

The mobile ITV unit for mopeds and scooters (49cc) will be visiting Almuñécar this month during two weekends running. »

ITV for Mopeds in Almuñécar

By Martin Myall

The Councillor for Seguridad Ciudadana at the Almuñécar Town Hall has made it known that the mobile ITV unit for mopeds is in town next week. »

Tougher Police Fines

By Editor

The Local Police of Salobreña intend to toughen up fines against bike riders without helmets and ‘discotheque cars; i.e. cars with sod-off music reproduction equipment, which »

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