Alhambra Reopens

AND Alhambra OnLThe Alhambra has finally reopened its doors yesterday to the general public, after three months of being shut down along with every other tourist attraction in the country.

However, it is operating at 50% of its visitor capacity owing to health restrictions, but even so that still leaves 4,250 entrance tickets on sale every day. Furthermore 70% of its staff are back to work, too.

The Granadina, Estrella Morente featured on the promotional video that was put together to promote the reopening. She gave a performance of her song, Vuelvo a la Alhambra – very fitting.

There have been changes to visiting arrangements for obvious reasons, mainly concerning entry and exits. For example, the Puerta de la Justicia, will now only handle a one-way flow of visitors, given its narrow confines. The Puerta de Los Carros  will remain as both an entrance and exit point. To exit the Alcazaba, it will now be through the Jardín de los Adarves.

Another feature will be a noticeboard with a QR code on it, from which you will be able to download a map of the Alhambra, along with all the norms and recommendations during your visit.

Masks will be obligatory and hand sanitiser gel will be available at all entry and exit points. Finally, for safety reasons, visitors will not be allowed to enter with backpacks, bags or cases with dimensions greater than 40cm x 40cm.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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