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Cold Front Returns

GRA Weather 28th at 0500

Temperatures began to drop yesterday and these low temperatures will continue for the rest of the week, according to the Spanish National Meteorological Agency.

Alhambra Staff Strike?

GRA Alhambra Jardín Alamedilla

There’s a chance that the staff at the Alhambra monument could be going on strike on the 5th and 6th of next month; i.e., right in the middle of Semana Santa.

Covid Figures 12th July

GRA Covid Map 12JL21

For those who are asking yourselves what inroads the Delta Variant is making into our province, here are the full figure: population, cases in 14 days and the per 100k figure.

Surprising Rainbow

GRA Rainbow over Alhambra

A meteorlogical moment provided the Alhambra probably its best promotional helping hand last weekend, thanks to a combination of rain and sunshine.