June Paper Edition

MOT Kiosk Plaza Las PalmerasYes, that’s right; we have brought out a June edition of the Seaside Gazette, which will be distributed later this morning.

However, the difference is that instead of them being available in the establishments that advertise with us, there will be one distribution point for each of the four coastal towns: La Herradura, Almuñécar, Salobreña & Motril.

This is for obvious reasons; restaurants, for example, can’t even put their menus on the tables and tourist information offices are not allowed to  provide maps and brochures because of the health-crisis restrictions.

ALM Papeleria Contreras Calle RealSo, the distribution points will be news agents and bookshops, which have no problem having magazines on their shelves.

The distribution points are as follows:

Almuñécar: Librería Contreras, Calle Real.

Salobreña: 1616 Books, Avenida Federico García Lorca

Motril: the newsagent kiosk in the central square popularly known as La Plaza Las Palmeras.

LHR Liberia CoralLa Herradura: Papeleria El Coral across from Cafetería Isla de Capri.

We will find another distribution point in both Motril and Almuñécar, but in the meantime these four places are where you will find a copy of the June issue of the Seaside Gazette.

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(News/House: Distribution points: Motril, Salobreña, Almuñécar, Herradura)


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